Complete Onsite Water System

Well Repairs And Service

Arcadia Drilling can offer repair work on most well systems

Most Common Well Water System Component Issues

  • Out of Water

    99% of the time when water isn’t coming out of your well it is NOT because your well is dry. The most common reasons why you might be out of water are related to a malfunctioning pump, pressure tank, control box or filter

    How to Treat

    Call Arcadia Drilling and schedule a service call, the licensed pump technician will troubleshoot your pressure system to see what the cause is and make the repair the same day.
  • Clogged Filter

    Your filters are designed to keep particulate matter out of the water that comes from your faucet. If the filters are doing their job, eventually they can clog up.

    How to Treat

    Pull the filter and replace

  • Bad Well Pump Control Box

    Your control box is a wear part and has electrical contacts and capacitors that deal with a lot of electricity. If it’s been a while since the control box was installed, you may have eroded electrical contacts or a blow capacitor.

    How to Treat

    If the capacitors or contacts in your control box is shot, then we’ll have to replace the entire control box

  • Pump Wire or Well Pump Down the Well

    Submersible well pumps use a lot of force to pump water up through the ground and that can cause the pump to move inside your well casing. Over time the movement of your pump can cause the wire to rub on the casing and can cause the wire to short out. We would need to pull the pump out to replace the wire. If the pump is the issue (this will be tested with specific tools) they will replace the pump which also requires the entire pump, pipe and wire to be pulled out of the well.

    How to Treat

    Pull pump and replace wire and or pump if necessary.

  • Waterlogged Pressure Tank

    Standard pressure tanks have a rubber bladder inside filled with air to resist the water being pumped in. This bladder of air is what allows the tank to pressurize, but over time the bladder can degrade and develop small holes that allow water in. Once water starts getting into the air bladder the tank will waterlog and stop developing pressure which is turn will make the pump short cycle (kick off and on).

    How to Treat

    There’s really no way to repair a waterlogged pressure tank, so we’d just have to replace the whole tank.