Arcadia Well Drilling Rigs

Well Drilling

Arcadia Drilling has been drilling water wells in Washington state for decades.

Top 5 Things to Know Before Drilling a Well

  1. County Parcel Number

    Your parcel number is a unique ID number assigned to your property from your county’s zoning board. You can find your Washington State parcel number by county below
    Find Washington State Parcels by County

  2. Well Drilling Location

    When selecting a water well location it is very important to consider all state and county requirements specific to your parcel.

  3. Water Usage

    Your specific land development plans in concert with the actual water well performance will need to be considered and is very important in your equipment/system design.

  4. Future access

    Your water well location is very important in the design phase of your property, in order to ensure your well and all it’s equipment can be accessed for repair/service.

  5. Overall cost

    When considering development of your water well system, it is wise to consider all aspects of the entire system.

Most Common Types of Wells

Drilled Wells

Arcadia Drilling primarily uses air rotary drilling equipment to install water wells in a wide variety of geology.

Dug Type Wells

Dug Wells have been used for many years to provide water in a variety of conditions.

When Dug Type Wells Are Used

Dug type wells can be dug with equipment or even by hand in some cases. Care must be taken to ensure the well is protected from surface contamination as well as life safety. The top access portion of the well should always be covered in an effort to protect even the unexpected.

Common Drilling Equipment

Air Rotary Drill Rig

An air rotary drill rig uses a very large air compressor and water when drilling.

When an Air Rotary Drill Rig is Used

This equipment method allows for a very wide variety of geology. This is the primary drilling method we use today.

Cable Tool Drill Rig

A very dependable equipment method using cables and drilling tools designed for this use.

When a Cable Tool Drill Rig is Used

Many times site conditions do not allow for the larger air rotary equipment. There are advantages to smaller equipment like a cable tool and this drilling method.